10 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

#1 The bulletin board.


#2 Big bad pussy cat.


#3 The Artist. If you are one, then this could be a new way to showcase you work.


#4 Claim your ….book


#5 The Gallery. If you have 10 pictures of yourself, then you could use them instead.


#6 Myspace. This was my first idea, almost makes me mushy. UPDATE: Tom liked it, phew!


#7 Shark Tank. You’re the prey.


#8 Running Paint.


#9 The group photo.
If you have a group photo, where you should be so lucky, to sit down in the left corner, then this could be a good way
to show of your team spirit. (“Cheers mates!” to the Australian national soccer team, for this perfect picture to exemplify it)


#10 The Blue slate.
All the things you can do with the blue background.


I hope you get inspired to make your own Facebook Timeline Cover. If not, just steel one of mine. I would love to see ideas from others, please share. If you use one of mine, please link in a comment.

Update: July 20th, 2015
I designed these 10 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers (or banners) with the now abandoned Fireworks App. Using stock images and vector graphics, that I found on via google.

The best is the enemy of the good

I launched my first homepage back in ’96. It was a very different time, and the Internet was confused and goalless, and so were many of us using it. I just put up a self portrait, my email, phone number (normal back then) and a few links on it – not very exciting. I was thinking about putting up all kinds of personal information, like thoughts, feelings, opinions and so forth. I chickened out, fearing that people would find me weird, sharing things like that on a website – so I never did. 14 years later, and one could easily be considered a weirdo, for NOT sharing everthing online.


Years passed, and I never got around to make my own website. I got busy with my company Boomtown, and later I got busy building a social network, where I hoped that I, and others, would share their lives on. That didn’t exactly pan out as planned, but other social networks came along  (read: Facebook), and proved that sharing online, wasn’t such a weird idea after all. So I, and a billion other people, started sharing our lives there, and I then completely overlooked, the awesomeness of having your own blog, on your very own domain.


The shinny website, that I’ve been planning on creating for years, just kept me from having anything here at all – well, besides some of my photography, that has resided on the domain for ages. Then I remembered the good ol’ saying: “The best is the enemy of the good.” So now I’ve launched this blog, and then maybe – hopefully – someday, I’ll see fit to create the whole shebang, with pages showing of my work, photography, bio and whatnot.


I don’t have a master plan for the blog, nor do I expect to post regularly. I just need a place to share and showcase my stories, my photography and my work, when I want, and can. It’s my plan – yes okay, I have a bit of a plan –  to use facebook, twitter and maybe tumblr for the lightweight updating and aggregating, and then use this blog to share the things I care more about, and/or have created myself. Of that same reason, there probably won’t be a steady stream of posting here – but hey, let’s see what happens.


Hello again world!