10 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

#1 The bulletin board.


#2 Big bad pussy cat.


#3 The Artist. If you are one, then this could be a new way to showcase you work.


#4 Claim your ….book


#5 The Gallery. If you have 10 pictures of yourself, then you could use them instead.


#6 Myspace. This was my first idea, almost makes me mushy. UPDATE: Tom liked it, phew!


#7 Shark Tank. You’re the prey.


#8 Running Paint.


#9 The group photo.
If you have a group photo, where you should be so lucky, to sit down in the left corner, then this could be a good way
to show of your team spirit. (“Cheers mates!” to the Australian national soccer team, for this perfect picture to exemplify it)


#10 The Blue slate.
All the things you can do with the blue background.


I hope you get inspired to make your own Facebook Timeline Cover. If not, just steel one of mine. I would love to see ideas from others, please share. If you use one of mine, please link in a comment.

Update: July 20th, 2015
I designed these 10 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers (or banners) with the now abandoned Fireworks App. Using stock images and vector graphics, that I found on via google.

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